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The Winter of Red Snow

Trying to figure out the next of my outside readings to pick, I began talking to my friend about books she loved when she was growing up. Her family is the most patriotic family I have ever met. Every Labor Day Weekend they have a family get together called "Yeah America". At Yeah America they celebrate America and freedom and our country's history. Therefore it is no suprise when she reminded me of the series of books called Dear America. These books are so neat. The Scholastic website describes the series of books as “Travel back to the earliest days of America through the diary pages of these courageous girls. Follow their amazing journey – as told by incredible authors – through the growth of our great nation.”

I found a list of all of the books in the series

TITLES (In order by historical chronology):

A JOURNEY TO THE NEW WORLD: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, Mayflower, 1620 by Kathryn Lasky

I WALK IN DREAD: The Diary of Deliverance Trembley, Witness to the Salem Witch Trials, Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1691
by Lisa Rowe Fraustino
ISBN: 0439249732
Ages 9-12
203 pages

Deliverance Trembley lives in Salem Village, where she must take care of her sickly sister, Mem, and where she does her daily chores in fear of her cruel uncle's angry temper. But when four young girls from the village accuse some of the local women of being witches, Deliverance finds herself caught up in the ensuing drama of the trials. And life in Salem is never the same.

STANDING IN THE LIGHT: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Logan, Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, 1763 by Mary Pope Osborne

LOOK TO THE HILLS: The Diary of Lozette Moreau, a French Slave Girl, New York Colony, 1763
by Patricia C. McKissack
ISBN: 0439210380
Ages 9-14
192 pages
April 2004

Lozette, or Zettie, is an orphaned slave girl who arrives with her French masters in New York Colony at the end of the French-Indian War. There, she must reconsider her loyalties when she is confronted with new landscapes, new conditions and new conflicts.

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR: The Tory Diary of Prudence Emerson, Greenmarsh, Massachusetts, 1774 by Ann Turner

THE WINTER OF RED SNOW: The Revolutionary War Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, 1777 by Kristiana Gregory

A LINE IN THE SAND: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, Gonzales, Texas, 1836 by Sherry Garland

VALLEY OF THE MOON: The Diary of Maria Rosalia de Milagros, Sonoma Valley, Alta California, 1846 by Sherry Garland

SO FAR FROM HOME: The Diary of Mary Driscoll, an Irish Mill Girl, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1847 by Barry Denenberg

ACROSS THE WIDE AND LONESOME PRAIRIE: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell, 1847 by Kristiana Gregory

ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY: The Santa Fe Trail Diary of Florrie Mack Ryder, The Santa Fe Trail, 1848 by Megan McDonald

SEEDS OF HOPE: The Gold Rush Diary of Susanna Fairchild, California Territory, 1849 by Kristiana Gregory

A PICTURE OF FREEDOM: The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl, Belmont Plantation, Virginia, 1859 by Patricia C. McKissack

A LIGHT IN THE STORM: The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin, Fenwick Island, Delaware, 1861 by Karen Hesse

WHEN WILL THIS CRUEL WAR BE OVER?: The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson, Gordonsville, Virginia, 1864 by Barry Denenberg

THE GIRL WHO CHASED AWAY SORROW: The Diary of Sarah Nita, a Navajo Girl, New Mexico, 1864 by Ann Turner

I THOUGHT MY SOUL WOULD RISE AND FLY: The Diary of Patsy, a Freed Girl, Mars Bluff, South Carolina, 1865 by Joyce Hansen

THE GREAT RAILROAD RACE: The Diary of Libby West, Utah Territory, 1868 by Kristiana Gregory

LAND OF THE BUFFALO BONES: The Diary of Mary Ann Elizabeth Rodgers, an English Girl in Minnesota, New Yeovil, 1873 by Marion Dane Bauer

MY HEART IS ON THE GROUND: The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl, Carlisle Indian School, Pennsylvania, 1880 by Ann Rinaldi

MY FACE TO THE WIND: The Diary of Sarah Jane Price, A Prairie Teacher. Broken Bow, Nebraska, 1881 by Jim Murphy

WEST TO A LAND OF PLENTY: The Diary of Teresa Angelino Viscardi, New York to Idaho Territory, 1883 by Jim Murphy

A COAL MINER'S BRIDE: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska Lattimer, Pennsylvania, 1896 by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

DREAMS IN THE GOLDEN COUNTRY: The Diary of Zipporah Feldman, a Jewish Immigrant Girl, New York City, 1903 by Kathryn Lasky

HEAR MY SORROW: The Diary of Angela Denoto, a Shirtwaist Worker, New York City, 1909
by Deborah Hopkinson
ISBN: 0439221617
Ages 9-12
188 pages

Angela and her family have arrived in New York City from their village in Italy to find themselves settled in a small tenement apartment on the Lower East Side. When her father is no longer able to work, Angela must leave school and work in a shirtwaist factory. She plays a part in the drama and turmoil that erupt as workers begin to strike, protesting the terrible conditions in the sweatshops. And she records the horrors of the Triangle Factory fire and the triumphs and sorrows of the labor movement.

VOYAGE ON THE GREAT TITANIC : The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, R.M.S. Titanic, 1912 by Ellen Emerson White

A TIME FOR COURAGE: The Suffragette Diary of Kathleen Bowen, Washington, D.C., 1917 by Kathryn Lasky

WHEN CHRISTMAS COMES AGAIN: The World War I Diary of Simone Spencer, New York City to the Western Front, 1917 by Beth Seidel Levine

COLOR ME DARK: The Diary of Nellie Lee Love, The Great Migration North, Chicago, Illinois, 1919 by Patricia C. McKissack

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL: The Diary of Bess Brennan, The Perkins School for the Blind, 1932 by Barry Denenberg

CHRISTMAS AFTER ALL: The Great Depression Diary of Minnie Swift. Indianapolis, IN, 1932 by Kathryn Lasky

SURVIVAL IN THE STORM: The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace Edwards, Dalhart, Texas, 1935
by Katelan Janke
ISBN: 0439215994
Ages 9-14
189 pages

In 16-year-old Katelan Janke's first Dear America book, we meet Grace Edwards, a little girl growing up in the heart of the Texas panhandle, in the midst of the Dust Bowl. Fierce, dust-filled winds ravage the plains and threaten the town's agricultural livelihood, creating poverty and despair among Grace's neighbors. Will her family's farm survive?

ONE EYE LAUGHING THE OTHER WEEPING: The Diary of Julie Weiss, Vienna, Austria to New York, 1938 by Barry Deneberg

MY SECRET WAR: The World War II Diary of Madeline Beck, Long Island, New York, 1941 by Mary Pope Osborne

EARLY SUNDAY MORNING: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows, Hawaii, 1941
by Barry Denenberg
ISBN: 0439328748
Ages 9-14
156 pages

In her diary, 12-year-old Amber describes moving to Hawaii in 1941 and experiencing the horror of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? The Diary of Molly Mackenzie Flaherty, Boston, Massachusetts, 1968 by Ellen Emerson White

I read the Winter of Red Snow and it was AMAZING. I brought it over to my grandparents house over Easter and I couldn't put it down. I felt like I was there. I felt like I was living the life of the family. Seeing the soldiers come in and out of my town and hearing bad news. I felt like I was one of the girls that at the age of 12 had to help take care of her little sisters, and help wounded soliders fighting for our independence!

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