Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shel Silverstein

Out of all the poets we have been reading in class, Shel Silverstein is my favorite! His sense of humor is hilarious. Even better than that though is the memories it brings up for me. My brother LOVED The Giving Tree more than I could even express in words. Growing up he honestly thought it was the coolest book ever! Then in middle school Shel Silverstein showed up again in my life. I used to participate in these speech competitions. I competed in poetry and prose and I used the Silverstein poem "Sick" for one of my competition. It won me first place many times, so I am VERY thankful for the warm-hearted poem. So in honor of Shel Silverstein I have written a poem about his life!

Uncle Shelby served in the U.S. Army,
He wrote for the Newspaper call Stars and Stripes.
He lived in Japan and also Korea,
Everytime people read his work they said oh my, oh mia!
Shel has also written alot of songs,
Everyone loves it, from children to moms!
He had two children of his own,
But sadly died of a heart attack in his home.

Kind of a morbid ending, but some good information none the less! :)

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Hyangmi said...

Did you have computer problems? You should post entires on a different day. And also I can't find this reading of the book (Mar 30).
Please check Vista for your third journal grade. ( I graded entries from Mar 24 to Mar 30)