Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nancy Drew

I remember at the beginning if the semester Dr. Robinson told us how she LOVED Nancy Drew. I am sad to say I was a child of the popular days of Babysitter's Club and Goose Bumps. I feel as though I missed out on classics like Nancy Drew because I was trying too hard to be cool and fit in.

So this week at the library I picked up Nancy Drew, The Mystery at Lilac Inn.

"Nancy and Helen Corning (soon-to-be Mrs. Jim Archer) go to stay at historic Lilac Inn. The historic building and grounds are now being modernized into a local resort spot, by their friend, owner Emily Crandall. Strange happenings and hauntings occur, which threaten to spoil the opening. Nancy suddenly discovers a link to a wicked double, who is stealing items at River Heights stores, and who has misappropriated Nancy's charge cards. Emily's diamonds are stolen and replaced with fakes during a dramatic evening dinner party at the Inn, and it is up to Nancy to tie together her mysterious evil twin, the haunting, and an evil ex-felon her father prosecuted for forgery. Explosions and underwater attacks further delay progress in the case, as well as the suspicious actions of a new social director. Adding to the problem, a mysterious "shark" seen in the nearby Muskoka river. Nancy's solution captures not only the criminals, but unmasks her evil twin and an international espionage operation in her own backyard!" (WIkipedia)

I love who Nancy is. She is smart, witty, and so fun! She is one of those characters you fall in love with the minute you open the book.

A fun fact I learned was that the book was originally released in 1931, and the plot was totally different!

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