Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I LOVED this book. It is my favorite picture I read this year. It is a story about a little girl. Her name is Chrysanthemum (like the flower), and she HATES it. Everyone teases her at school, and she really wants to change her name. However, her parents love it, they think it is the most beautiful name ever. She, however, does not think this is true. That is becuase the people at school syas mean think like "Let's pluck Chrysanthemum" or "Can we smell you Chrysanthemum?". One girl also annouces that Chrsyanthemum's name is 13 letters long, and the girl points out that that is half the alphabet. Chrysanthemum wilts,SHE HATES HER NAME!! That is until her music teacher announces that she has an interesting name, too, Delphinium. Delphinium also says she is going to name her future daughter the most beautiful name she hads ever heard, Chrysanthemum. Then Chrysanthemum FALLS IN LOVE with her name.

This is such a heartwarming story, and anoyone can relate with the main character! It is adorable!

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