Thursday, April 17, 2008

Charlie Anderson

First, I have to say I HATE cats. So, I don't actually know what intrigued me to pick up this book, because it has a cat on the front of it! However, it was such an adorable story. It is about this little cat named Charlie. He lives a the house of these two little girls. However, every night he ventures over to another house where he is named Anderson. One night the girls can't find Charlie so they go looking for him through the woods. They approach the house where Charlie is, but the people there say that he is Anderson. Both of the owners find out what is going on, and they laugh. The families decide to call him Charlie Anderson and they allow him to go back and forth between the houses!

I love this book because it addresses the issue of divorce in a soft kind of way. Just like the little girls, Charlie Anderson lives at two houses. The book talks about how at each house he is loved, but it is different at each house.

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